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Your voice is a combination of how you think and feel at that time.  When you speak about something you are passionate or excited about, those words carry a measurable energy. Using research grade proprietary vocal analysis software our Reality Managers will help you identify a goal or intention which you want to amplify using our technology.



Then we use the unique frequency information from your analysis to program the music, light patterns and vibrations to amplify and encode the energy of your intention through every cell of your body. This method is very successful in balancing the nervous system, better sleep, removing negative thought patterns, treating pain, reducing stress and releasing anxiety and accelerating goals or intentions.

Man silhouette at the end of the tunnel with the universe and blinding light in the backgr
Image by JJ Ying



Our Reality managers will help you process your experience. In order to facilitate the lasting personal and habitual changes our therapy can provide, integration is an essential component of that process.

Transformational experiences wouldn’t be possible without the deep work that follows them. Integration is a vital, necessary, and important part of long-lasting growth and development.



Each following session will become more specific and targeted to your personal vibration, serving to accelerate your healing and manifestation processes exponentially. It is our belief that you are your own best medicine and we are just here to amplify the process of self healing. 

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