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Discover what the Reality Center is all about with a few common questions before you embark on this journey.

  • What is Reality Management?
    Reality Management occurs when you are able to control the thoughts and emotions of your inner world to attract what you want in the outer world. Usually this type of mindset requires many years of mental and physical training, but our technology allows this to take place during just one session. By synchronizing your senses with the frequency of your intentions, we amplilfy your ability to magnetize the experiences you desire.
  • What is Vibrational Therapy?
    All of reality is vibrating at different rates of frequency, which is the number of times they vibrate per second. Through vocal frequency analysis, our technology allows you to see, hear and feel your own throughs and vibrations throughout your entire body. This results in Sensory Resonance, a special state of mind that is both relaxing and inspiring at the same time…an expanded metabolic state that leads to self-realization and mastery.
  • What is Sensory Resonance?
    When all your senses are synchronized you experience a special state of mind that is both relaxing and inspiring at the same time…an expanded metabolic state that leads to self-realization and mastery. We combine light, sound and vibration therapies to name a few to help you rapidly achieve this experience.
  • What is Synesthesia?
    A perceptual phenomenon where stimulation of one sensory pathway leads to involuntary experience in a second sensory pathway. It is the rare ability for humans to see vibrations, hear words as color and or feel light. This allows the eyes to perceive the wavelengths of light which are associated with the sound. This means you can see the colors in the music!
  • How safe is this?
    Vibrational therapy has not been known to cause any problems with participants, but to be on the safe side, please tell us if you have experienced any of these issues below, before you book an appointment. Photosensitive Epilepsy - Flashing lights can possibly cause seizures with this condition. Glaucoma and other eye problems can cause issues in rare cases. Implanted Electronic Medical Devices - Magnetic Fields may cause problems with these devices. Check with your medical physician before using our technologies.
  • What are the benefits?
    Reduced Stress and Anxiety Improved Breathing & Blood Flow Better Creativity & Inspiration Better Sleep Pain Relief Improved Focus Trauma Release Self Love Nervous System Reset Faster Recovery
  • Does this help with PTSD?
    Yes, frequency therapy has been shown to quickly regulate the nervous system and put you into a state of rest and relaxation. The restorative content helps put the mind into a positive place where feelings of connectedness, inspiration and gratitude become common. These are all extremely helpful in addressing PTSD.
  • Is there a veteran discount?
    Yes, we support the veteran community with free treatment days and 20% discounts on all services. Use code - VETERAN at check out! Also sign up here for our 22 Saved campaign where we treat vets totally FREE of charge month to month.
  • Who are the founders of Reality Center?
    Tarun Raj, Benji Tucker, Don Estes and Jonathan Chia
  • When was this idea discovered?
    It is known by many cultures that humanity has been using sound for healing for tens of thousands of years. Now, this is finally being recognized by western science and explored deeply. For over 30 years we’ve been creating technologies that allow a person to see, hear and feel their own vibrations. Combining science and spirituality, our systems demystify these concepts and allow anyone to experience the incredibly therapeutic power of vibration.
  • How do I prepare?
    All reality is created through the lens of intention, so what you focus on guides the experience. Think of something that you are grateful for and that you want to amplify in your life. The breath is equally important as it allows you to regulate your nervous system and control the thoughts which may distract you. It powers the journey and is the rhythm at which life exists. Lastly, do not eat anything heavy or substantial 60-90 minutes prior to the session. The lighter you are, the more easily vibration passes through you. With all that being said, we will always do our best to make sure you are in the best state before we begin. Prepare for a wonderful time.
  • What should I bring?
    Frequency therapy is new to most people, so the most important thing to bring is an open mind. Next, please bring water or a canteen which you can use to fill with some spring water. We will have you remove your shoes during your session so its a good idea to wear clean socks.
  • Where is the Reality Center?
    We are located at 1428 2nd. Street, Suite 400 in Santa Monica, California 90402, just one block from the beach. Appointments are by reservation only. Please call 310-963-7902 or visit the booking section to reserve your slot. 90 minute free parking just across the street.
  • What days are you open?
    We are open Tuesday - Saturday / 10am - 6pm Closed all Federal Holidays
  • Where do I park?
    There is a large parking structure across the street from Reality Center (#6). Parking is free for 90 minutes. Above "Orange Theory"
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