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The mission of Reality Center is to provide technology that facilitates positive change for humanity. Our vision is for everyone in the world to have access to tools which improve their mental, physical and spiritual wellness. 



Our transformational products and services are all based on a theory called Sensory Resonance which Co- founder Don Estes published in 1990.  This states that for every outer sensory mechanism there is an inner one.  We use our inner senses when we are sleeping, dreaming, meditating, contemplating or performing other activities that attempt to integrate our bodies, minds and spirits.  This “expanded” state creates brain hemisphere synchronization and rapidly resets the nervous system.

Part of the appeal of Reality Center is that it feels like a fun and interactive experience, but, behind the scenes, it is an advanced neuroscience and biofeedback treatment facility. Our proprietary frequency technologies activate the same parts of the brain which get stimulated by deep meditation and psychedelic therapies. Combined with positive talk therapy and guided mindfulness, the result is each client leaving with a renewed sense of purpose, feelings of interconnectedness, and elevated well-being.

We know that when someone experiences trauma, their nervous system becomes unregulated, which causes lack of sleep, anxiety, hyper-arousal/hyper-vigilance, depression, and more.  Our treatment accessibility will limit prolonged exposure to these known triggers. We offer a safe, effective, and drug-free experience, without the headache and time-consuming hours of traditional talk therapy.

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