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Our voice is a unique combination of how we think and feel at any given moment. Think of a few words which describe something positive you would like to to be reminded of each day. 
This is your mantra.  


See your Vibration

Like sound waves traveling in the water, every word ripples through the air.  We use the science of cymatics to visualize your voice, creating a beautiful reminder of the chosen mantra.

Image by Moritz Kindler


Rewire your Mind

Both seeing and hearing the patterns of your voice activates the brain in a new way, synchronizing the senses and amplifying the energy of your mantra in each moment.  


Redefine your Reality

Inside of an Infinite Object, the Visual Mantra will be a consistent reminder of the positive words you have chosen.  Add touch to the sights and sounds of your intention, while truly bringing it to life with this work of art.

IO Video.mp4-high.gif
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