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It is widely accepted that there are at least 22 veteran suicides per day. Billions of dollars have been spent to address it, but solutions are limited.


Over the last 20 years, our technology has helped address PTSD for thousands of people, without the use of drugs. 


During 2022, Reality Center donated sessions to nearly 450 veterans. These clients have reported dramatic changes in stress, better sleep and improved well-being after just one session.  By addressing many root causes of suicide, these veterans are freeing themselves from the grips of Post Traumatic stress.



Join our mission to treat 22 veterans a day and

offset these suicide statistics.

Help us save lives by sponsoring someone for the program.
The data we gather will allow us to expand free access throughout the country.


  1. 15-minute guided meditation & Intention-focused breathwork

  2. 1-hour sensory therapy experience

  3. 30-minute sharing opportunity and Q&A

  4. Exercises to continue progress

  5. Personalized integration with Reality Staff

  6. Reality MGMT biofeedback software 

  7. Amazing meal with fellow vets next door at North Italia

Make your tax deductible donation today!


If you are local to Los Angeles, then sign up and we will contact you with details about the program.

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During 15 months of intense combat in Iraq, co-founder Jonathan Chia, lost 16 of his Army brothers.  Even worse, his two best friends and nearly 100 veteran friends died from drug overdoses and suicide after returning home.


Since then, Jonathan and the Reality team have been dedicated to creating alternative therapies and healing experiences for those suffering from PTS.

This campaign results from more than a decade of service to the veteran community, and a deep desire to help people heal.

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