Sound FrequenciesExpectations vs Reality

Have you ever found yourself wondering why certain types of sounds make

you feel a certain way? Why alarms may cause you to quickly become irritable, or

why wind chimes make you experience feelings of blissfulness. The answer is in

sound frequencies.

Sound frequencies range vastly but one thing remains constant, they alter

your brain waves which affects your mental state. Your alarm clock likely ranges

from 100 to 150 Hz, while a wind chime (depending on size, length and material)

can range anywhere from 190 to 3,500 hz.

Today people are getting busier every year. Living in a metropolitan city

may mean you are surrounded by noises of traffic, construction, aircrafts, police

sirens and maybe your neighbors pets. All of these sounds at once can become

overwhelming and affect your brain's ability to concentrate on the tasks at hand. To

remedy these issues some people have picked up noise canceling headphones,

played binaural beat tracks off of Youtube, or even moved out of the city to a more

quiet environment. You may not realize it but the sound frequencies in your

day-to-day life can have significant impacts on your wellbeing.

Whether you are a student, parent, working professional, working remotely,

working in an office, or all the above, your wellbeing should always be top of

mind. You work hard and you deserve to feel the benefits of all your hard work.

Don’t let the noise of the world get in the way of your mindfulness.

Feeling overwhelmed by the noises of your surroundings? Come by the

Reality Center and experience the calming effects of our renowned frequencies.

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