Office Culture in 2022

As we all come back into the office space one big question lingers, what will be different? This question has no simple answer, and as individual experiences varied throughout the pandemic so will the expectations of office culture. Whether you are part of a five to ten person start up team or work for a fortune 500 company, your return to the office will not be as it once was.

So what is office culture and why is it vital to the success of any in-office team? Office culture is commonly defined as the norms and behavioral practices of those working inside an organization. The way people speak, how groups work together, and what after work activities teams participate in are all part of office culture. Thus, it is crucial to have a supportive office culture. A strong office culture can streamline the success of your team in countless ways. One of the lessons the last 20 months has taught us is that people work best where they feel valued. By offering value through the culture of your organization you gain longer lasting, more impactful team members.

For many professionals the isolation of the pandemic created a heightened desire for social connection. After months of Zoom burnout we have learned how much we took for granted the simple connections with our team like handshakes, hugs, and shared laughter. Although these interactions may seem small they are massively significant in the feelings of connection to our team. Returning to the office should feel warm and welcoming.

Here are Three Techniques that Can Ease the Return to The Office.

1. Hold open ended conversations between all team members to re-establish office culture standards.

2. Discuss what adjustments need to be made due to the changes over the last twenty months.

3. Welcome new opinions amongst team members.

By maintaining these open door policies your organization can quickly improve the multi functional abilities of your team. It has been said that a well managed team works like a well oiled machine, but many machines are only capable of one function. A well managed team should operate as a multi-functional unit. In order to do so the team must have a strong foundation built off of the work culture within the organization.

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