Nutritious Foods to Help Boost Cognitive Performance

Living a mindful life takes knowledge, patience and practice. Like meditation, practicing a healthy diet also requires consistency. Dieting and nutrition doesn't just benefit the body, as certain foods can have a profound effect on the brain as well. In this write up, we will explore a few food types that benefit cognitive function.


Berries are delicious and packed with antioxidants. Berries are great for the brain as they help reduce inflammation throughout the body and reduce oxidative stress. Medical News Today states Berries can improve communication between brain cells and helps brain cells with plasticity that boosts learning and memory. Berries can also help prevent aging by fighting neurodegenerative conditions. You can find optimal nutrients for the brain in berries like strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries which are all readily available at most grocers.


Coffee is celebrated world wide and is included in morning regiments for millions across the United States alone. Coffee not only promotes focus and alertness, but also hinders adenosine which contributes to sleepiness. Like berries, coffee also contains antioxidants that can help cognitive decline. According to government research resources, coffee has also been linked to a decline in Alzheimer's, and Parkinson's disease. Next time you feel a bit guilty for drinking coffee every morning remember its great for your brain!


Peanuts are another great food to help boost cognitive function. Peanuts have been shown to help promote energy levels within individuals and are loaded with healthy fats that optimize the brain. Peanuts contain resveratrol and high levels of Vitamin E. Medical professionals state, nutrients in peanuts can help prevent cancers, bodily inflammation and cognitive decline. Compared to other nuts like macadamias, cashews, and almonds; peanuts are more affordable as well per pound.


Eggs are a major superfood that also benefit cognitive function. Like coffee, many Americans start their mornings with eggs. Eggs are low cost, and packed with nutritious B vitamins and folic acid. Research indicates that B vitamins also play a role in slowing down cognitive decline and aging in the brain. Though the most nutritious part of the egg is the yolk, many only eat egg whites to keep their cholesterol levels down. Most eggs also only contain about 70-90 calories which makes them incredibly nutrient dense in comparison to their caloric size.

Frequency and Light Therapy

The food you eat plays a big part in your neurological development and maintenance. Mindfulness practices like meditation and frequency therapy also play a big role in neurological maintenance as well. Stop by the Reality Center in Santa Monica to try out the wave table and help boost your brain performance today.