4 Stretches to Start Your Morning Right

Mornings can be a sacred time for many and dreadful for others. Many like to have a morning routine that eases in the day, while others scramble frantically to get to work. Some start their mornings with coffee or tea, while others sleep through their alarm. Regardless of your current routine, stretching first thing can make you feel wonderful for the day ahead. Here are a few of our favorite stretches to do in the morning.

Supine Butterfly Stretch

This stretch is perfect for opening your hips and knees. Not only does the supine butterfly stretch open your body it can fight drowsiness and provide you with a boost of energy first thing in the morning.


1.) Find a comfortable surface on the floor and lie on your back.

2.) Connect the soles of both your feet and move up towards your pelvis area. Your knees should be pointing outwards to each side.

3.) Repeat this stretch 10 times and hold for a minimum of 15 seconds. Beginners do what feels comfortable for you.

Child's Pose

If you’ve taken a single yoga class chances are you’ve done a child's pose. The supine butterfly stretch is optimal for the lower body where the childs pose is optimal for the core and upper body. Those who experience lower back pain can find some relief with this stretch as it elongates the spine and stretches the back.

Steps: 1.) Kneel down on the floor and make sure your feet touch behind you. Your knees should be hip/shoulder width apart.

2.) Lower your torso onto your knees and extend your butt towards your ankles.

3.) Stretch your arms, palms down, past your head either together or shoulder width apart. You should feel your spine and back extend.

Seated Oblique Stretch

Open up your rib cage and strengthen your core and oblique muscles with the seated oblique stretch. This easy to do stretch is a great stress reliever and can be completed either seated or standing. Many yogis also ensure to incorporate this stretch as part of their morning routine as well.


  1. Kneel down and cross your feet behind you.

  2. Interlock your fingers and extend your arms up high elongating the spine.

  3. Slowly and carefully lean to each side of your body. Hold each stretch for 10-20 seconds or at a pace you feel comfortable with.

  4. Repeat this stretch on each side of your body 5-10 times.

Side Quad Stretch

The quad is the largest muscle in regards to muscle mass and often overlooked during stretch routines. We use this muscle while walking and running up the stairs. Showing this muscle devoted attention in the morning is a great way to energize your body and is a great way to help prevent leg injuries.

Steps: 1.) Lay down on either your left or right side. Place your bottom arm under your head for support.

2.) Keep your bottom leg straight and bend your top leg back with your top arm towards your glutes. Ensure your knees stay together.

3.) Hold for 15-30 seconds and repeat 5-10 times on each side for a great stretch.

Now that you have a few new stretches in your arsenal you are ready to take on the day ahead. Make sure you pass your new knowledge along to friends and family as well.

Stretching is a great addition to a mindful morning routine. Looking to enhance your holistic practices as a whole? Stop by Reality Center in Santa Monica and unwind on our Wavetable or Vibrasound.