How to Utilize Affirmations in Your Daily Routine

Keeping yourself upbeat at all times can often seem overwhelming. With the expansion of social media, pop culture, and media around us its easy to begin to compare ourselves to what we see on our screens on a daily basis. This can lead to FOMO (fear of missing out), or comparison to unrealistic standards like the edited super models we see traveling the world on Instagram. It's important to stay grounded within yourself to maintain your inner wellness and self-esteem.

One of the best ways to boost your self-esteem is through the practice of affirmations. Whether spoken verbally, written in a journal or discussed in a group, affirmation can greatly boost the way you see yourself and your day to day actions.

Something as simple as “I am healthy, I am whole, I am capable and today will be a great day” can ground your conscious and remind you of the fortunes that we often take for granted. Here are a few ways you can begin your own affirmation practices.

For some of us, speaking already takes up a large part of our work day, making journaling a more viable options to practice our affirmations. Taking fifteen minutes at the start or end of your day to journal out affirmations that you align with can be a great practice to keep you feeling accomplished and confident. People who practice journaling about the positive experiences of their day often experience less depression in their lives.

Journaling also engages both sides of your brain. The right side of your brain is engaged through the creativity of your writing and how you feel it aligns with your personality. While the left side of your brain takes care of the analysis through editing and proofing your writing to make sure it checks out. Activities that engage both side of your brain can be widely beneficial as they increase your neuropathways which makes memorization and focusing a much easier task.

Maybe your day does not consist of much talking and practicing verbally affirmations is more suitable for you. It’s important to practice affirmations that you feel truly uplift your spirit and align with your mindset. Taking some time out of your day to pinpoint five things you are most grateful for and forming them into verbal affirmations is a powerful step to take on your own.

Whether you choose to begin your day with your practice or end your day with your practice you will notice nearly immediately the calming affects it has on your mind. The world around us moves fast and its easy to get caught up in it all and forget how powerful we truly are. By taking these steps and forming them into a daily routine we can calm our minds and uplift our spirits to a high vibration. Journaling and self talk can be very personal but don’t let that stop you from sharing your thoughts with a group of friends.

Having a strong support system within a community can have a massive impact on our wellbeing. Practicing affirmations through group discussions is another great options for people who may want to experience the practice in a more extrovert environment. Practicing affirmations with a group of friends, family or associates can increase the sense of community within the group while simultaneously promoting healthy habits and appreciation amongst the individuals involved. Starting your affirmations with “we” already gives you a sense of belonging as you are aligning with those around you and appreciating the fortunes we all share together. The Reality Center team is happy to help you in this journey.

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