Do Solfeggio Frequencies Really Work?

Solfeggio frequencies have been growing in popularity over the last decade due to media platforms like YouTube. You may have seen a playlist or two with many videos containing a range of various frequencies and a mood or intention associated with that video ex. "417HZ cleanse trapped energy". Does playing a Solfeggio frequency video from YouTube work or have any effect at all? Our understanding of frequencies here at Reality Center definitely produce grounding effects in individuals. Let's take a deeper look at some of the Solfeggio frequency ranges.

963 Hz

Dubbed as the pure miracle tones, the 963 Hz solfeggio frequency helps activate the pineal gland while awakening one’s intuition. The primary effect of this frequency is to enhance positive vibration, energy and self connection. We’re our own source and within us lies a cosmic energy that helps us connect and develop oneness with the spiritual world.

852 Hz

This solfeggio frequency helps us reconnect and re-bond with our spiritual order. By awakening the inner strength and intuition in use, it improves our inner self and makes us open to communication with all. 852 Hz is also associated with the third eye chakra.

741 Hz

This frequency cleanses and rejuvenates us inside and out. It is the frequency for problem solving and cleanses our cells from various electromagnetic radiations. 741 Hz. 741 Hz is most closely associated with the throat chakra. This frequency is important for giving us protection against negative emotions and energies like jealousy and rage.

639 Hz

639 Hz frequency restores the harmony with your interpersonal relationships. This solfeggio frequency enhances communication, love and understand and helps resolve relationship problems within the families, friends and partners.

This frequency has the power to regulate communication with one’s environment and channel their energies more towards problem resolution, tolerance and love. It is most common in the balance of the heart chakra.

528 Hz

This frequency has several names, such as the frequency of transformation, miracle tone and love frequency. 528 Hz has a tremendous impact on one’s body, helping the individual reduce the level of stress by managing cortisol in his/her body. If you’re looking for ways to let go of burdens and allow miracles into your life, let the 528 Hz frequency work in you. This one also helps boost self-esteem and confidence. This frequency is related to the solar plexus chakra.

417 Hz

Associated with the Sacral chakra 417 Hz is optimal for new creativity. By using this frequency, you can eliminate negative energies and physical tension from your body. It can help restore positive behavior and thought patterns propelling you towards healthy balance. 417 Hz is optimal for releasing traumas that may be trapped in our physical and spiritual bodies.

396 Hz

It helps remove the feelings of guilt from your subconscious mind and let go of the fears that weigh you down. Once the obstacles holding you disappear, you are free to pursue your goals and dreams. 396 Hz is associated with the Root Chakra. Those who are experienced in using Solfeggio frequencies are encouraged to use 396 as a tool to help relieve anxiety.

Now that we have a brief spiritual understanding of the Solfeggio frequencies, lets see if they actually work or not?

Biochemist Dr. Glen Rein began experimenting with different types of music and its effect on the human body. In 1988 Dr. Rein exposed various DNA vials to four types of music Gregorian chants, Sanskrit chants, classical, and rock. Dr. Rein confirmed his tests when UV absorption increased while testing the different types of music on the DNA vials.

The Gregorian and Sanskrit chants increased UV absorption by up to 9 percent! Rock music actually had a negative effect on UV absorption which is why religious skeptics attribute death metal, and other hardcore rock styles as satanic or of the dark. The work Dr. Glen Rein conducted paved a new path for musical therapy.

In conclusion Solfeggio frequencies have positive effects because they resonate in harmony with the Schumann resonance of 8 Hz (the earth frequency). At the very least, relaxing sounding music can produce relaxing effects in humans. Read this great article from Better Sleep to understand Solfeggio frequencies more.

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